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      How is a Tower Crane Discarded?

      Feb. 19, 2020

      As a Tower Crane Manufacturer, share with you.

      Tower cranes are referred to as tower cranes, also known as tower cranes, which have huge applications in the fields of construction and transportation. Since its introduction to China in the 1950s, it has been in a period of rapid growth. As of 2007, half of the world's total tower cranes were distributed in China, which also made China a well-deserved tower crane country. However, according to a survey by the Tower Crane Talent Network, it is not uncommon for a large number of tower cranes currently in operation to be out of service, which has also brought major hidden dangers to safety in production.

      8 T Top kit Tower Crane

      8 T Top kit Tower Crane

      In fact, the relevant national and industry regulations have pointed out many times that tower cranes must be inspected before and after installation and in daily use. The metal structure must not crack during welding. The metal structure must not be plastically deformed. The quality of the connecting bolts and pins meets the requirements. In the measures of backstop and anti-loosening, the connecting bolts must be regularly pre-tightened. The wire rope is well lubricated and maintained. The number of broken wires must not exceed the standard. No broken strands are allowed, no plastic deformation is allowed, rope card joints meet standards, oil reduction gearboxes and oil cylinders must not leak, hydraulic system pressure is normal, brakes and limit insurance are sensitive and reliable, transmission mechanism is well lubricated, safety devices are complete and reliable, The electrical control lines are well insulated. In particular, it is necessary to urge the tower crane driver, maintenance electrician and mechanical maintenance workers to carry out frequent inspections, and to focus on inspection of wearing parts such as wire ropes, hooks, various transmission parts, and limit safety devices. Time, set measures, strictly prevent mechanical illness.

      Nonetheless, when the tower crane has been used for 10 years or more, it shall be subject to technical appraisal by the user. If it cannot be used safely, it shall be scrapped. And the state clearly ordered that the use of models be resolutely banned. In addition, during the normal use period of the tower crane, if the overall steel structure is severely corroded or the tower body and the front and rear booms are distorted, it should be scrapped in advance. After scrapping, the tower crane should be dismantled as soon as possible, useful parts should be dismantled, and the metal parts should be broken down and returned to the furnace for treatment. For some covetous small profits, the scrap tower crane should be refurbished and sent to the tower crane rental market. The same should be done carefully. Investigate.

      Before the tower crane is transferred, the tower must be lowered or disassembled in a similar way in the reverse order of installation, and then transported or disassembled as a whole. Before the transfer, the operation route should be fully understood, and appropriate safety measures should be taken according to the actual situation. During the transfer process, it should be checked at any time, and any abnormalities should be handled in time.

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