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      What are the Safety Precautions for Tower Crane Assembly and Disassembly?

      Feb. 12, 2020

      As a China Topkit Crane Wholesale, share with you.

      At present, the accidents that occur during the installation and disassembly of tower cranes have accounted for a larger part of the tower crane accidents. This shows that when the high-rise buildings are becoming more and more popular, the construction and disassembly of towering towers must be completed. It cannot be underestimated. How to ensure the safe installation and disassembly of tower cranes has become an urgent problem for workers in large tower cranes.

      Top Kit Tower Crane

      Top Kit Tower Crane

      The functions of each part of the Top Kit Tower Crane can be divided into: foundation, tower body, jacking, slewing, lifting, balance arm, boom, crane trolley, tower top, driver's cab, luffing and other parts. Among them, the tower crane assembly and disassembly accidents mainly occur in the assembly and disassembly of the tower body, that is, the raised part and the lifting boom (usually the load-bearing member for lifting the weight). Everyone should pay attention to safety.

      Generally speaking, when doing tower crane assembly and disassembly work, we can start from these aspects:

      1. Seriously handle the disassembly and declaration procedures. Before disassembling and disassembling the tower crane, the user unit shall make a declaration to the relevant government authority in accordance with the regulations, provide the required declaration materials, and perform disassembly after review and approval by the government authority.

      2. Choose a qualified disassembly team. When using units to perform tower crane disassembly, they must choose a team with corresponding professional qualifications to undertake, and they must not entrust units that have not obtained the corresponding professional disassembly qualification to perform tower crane disassembly.

      3. Really formulate the disassembly and assembly plan, and conduct safety technical disclosure. Before performing tower crane disassembly, the disassembly unit must prepare a detailed and practical disassembly and assembly construction plan. The compilation basis, project overview, foundation construction, tower crane installation, safety measures, etc. must be written into the plan and reviewed, approved, and signed. And report to the entrusting unit for approval and implementation. Before disassembling and disassembling the tower crane, the dismantling unit shall earnestly provide safety technical information to all construction personnel, and shall go through the formalities of confirming safety technology disclosure.

      Fourth, disassembly and assembly in strict accordance with the disassembly procedures. In the process of disassembly, you must strictly follow the disassembly procedures according to the specific requirements of different types of tower cranes to prevent accidents.

      Fifth, do a good job in the selection of disassembly equipment. Before disassembly of the tower crane, the corresponding lifting equipment should be selected according to the conditions of the construction site, the maximum structural component weight, and installation height.

      In addition, the safety protection measures at the disassembly site, timely acceptance procedures and permits are also important ways to ensure the safety of tower crane assembly and disassembly, especially the second-hand tower crane and tower crane rental equipment.

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